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Although I love using WhatsApp and The majority of my friends who use Windows crave to utilise iMessaging. They frequently inquire, is there a way to use iMessage on PC? Finally, I If you also wish to take the benefit of this tip, you can too join the celebration. Let's find out! 

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Download iMessage on PC in Windows or Linux
  • On the Mac with iMessage, you will need to enable Screen Sharing on the Mac via the Sharing Preference Panel
  • Next about the PC to get and use iMessage from, you will need a VNC app program.
  • Open the VNC client in Windows and connect to the Mac with Screen Sharing enabled, do this by pointing the VNC client in the IP address and then logging into the Mac with a valid user login
  •  Now in the Windows PC, you are remotely logged into the Mac and have full-screen Accessibility to this Mac, including accessibility to iMessage via the Mac Messages app
  • Remember screen sharing enables full remote control of a pc over the internet or LAN, so this is indeed only appropriate for using your iMessages from your very own Apple ID from your own Mac.
  •  You'll notice this does not rely on any Hackintosh system, nor any virtualization of Mac OS or any other tweaks, mods, or third-party apps. In reality, there are not any third iMessage programs for Windows or PC now, and at the moment Apple does not offer an iMessage or Facetime For PC either.
  • This same screen sharing feature in Mac OS can also be used from Mac to Mac very easily via the iMessage app itself, but since the Mac&OS has Messages app and direct iMessage access, there is less need to do so for this purpose anyway.

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Download iMessage on PC in Windows or Linux